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ALTRO prodotto CD 10.00
DIANA DARBY fantasia ball CD 10.00

ALTRO candore CD 8.00
DEEP END tsunami MCD 6.50
J CHURCH leni riefenstahl's tinder box 7" 3.00
FRAMMENTI corrono ginocchia sbucciate 7" 3.00
FRAMMENTI corrono ginocchia sbucciate 10" 5.00

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ALTRO t-shirt 7.00
White with black print, beautiful artwork from the "Prodotto" sessions. Only S sizes left. Click on shirt for larger image.

DIANA DARBY naked time CD 10.00 (Delmore)
First album. A more rocking, less minimal sound. The same great songs and voice. Just a few copies, hurry up.

EN. where everything is bad... MCD 6.50 (self-produced)
Andrea of Deep End sings a couple of songs with this otherwise instrumental duo that blends electronic soundscapes, jazzy flavours and post-rock excursions in a fresh engaging way.

ONE BY ONE... s/t MCD 5.00 (PK)
One By One We Are All Becoming Shades is Enrico and Andrea of Deep End doing the ambient/isolationist/instrumental thing. Just a few instruments and some dirty electronics, suspended in sad twilight atmospheres.

PÖLIS ich CD 9.00 (PK)
Andrea and Lolli of Deep End join forces with Pol for an imaginary sountrack project, mixing krautrock with a Morricone mood. Reviews said Tarwater, Labradford, To Rococo Rot and Tortoise.

"NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE" CD 12.00 (Incidental)
A tribute to outlaw country legend Kris Kristofferson, featuring Diana Darby plus indie/ heavyweights like Calexico, Califone, Grandaddy, Howe Gelb, Handsome Family, Radar Brothers, Creeper Lagoon and more.



AMARI gamera CD 7.00 (Riotmaker)
One of Italy's best new (?) bands with its third album: weird hip-hop, dance beats, irony and intelligence.

BLUEPRINT bela lugosi CD 8.00 (Alice)
Driving indie-rock/noise with definite Washington DC influences. Passion, emotion and energy from beginning to end, and italian lyrics are a plus for sure.

FEVERDREAM arnold MCD 7.00 (Fooltribe)
Another new release from Fooltribe: powerful indie-punk from this Rotterdam trio, check it out if you like Fugazi, Shellac and The Lapse!

KARATE concerto al barchessone vecchio CD 12.00 (Fooltribe)
Official live cd by Boston's finest. Eight songs recorded in Italy in february 2002, amazing sound quality and the usual perfect playing by Geoff, Jeff and Gavin. You know what to do.

MIRAH we're both so sorry 7" 4.00 (Alice)
Three unreleased new tracks on an exclusive colored viny
l single. Recorded with Calvin Johnson (K Records) and Phil Elvrum (The Microphones/Mt. Eerie). Beautiful voice and songwriting.

OSLO s/t 7" 4.00 (Knifeville)
This is great instrumental rock, period. I know you've had enough of that, and this is exactly why you should buy this record. It has an awesome cover, too.

RED WORMS’FARM troncomorto CD 10.00 (Fooltribe)
Take Fugazi, The Lapse and Unwound and push the energy pedal to the maximum. Try to catch them live, and meanwhile get this!

ROUNDPEAR bonzo's adventure CD 7.00 (Riotmaker)
Debut album by a promising solo artist on Riotmaker. Electronics, peaceful melodies, beats. Try it!

SPRINZI s/t 7” 3.00 (Alice)
First record, four songs. The roots of a romantic punk monster.

SPRINZI something more... CD 8.00 (Alice)
Super fresh, super catchy, super super. Melodic poppy emo-punk that everyone should get regardless of the fact that the description sounds kinda scary right now. This is miles and miles above the average. This is real.

THREE IN ONE GENTLEMAN SUIT battlefields... CD 7.00 (Fooltribe)
Fascinating and powerful slowcore from this young trio. "Battlefields In An Autumn Scenario" will please fans of Karate, June Of 44, melodic math-rock and heartfelt music of all kinds.


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